Friday, February 7, 2014

VSS Monitoring Optimizes SDN-based Traffic for Enhanced Performance Monitoring and Security Agility

NPBs and SDN VE Deliver Flexible, Cost-Effective Monitoring and Security Solutions

Last week, VSS Monitoring announced its joint solution with IBM (NYSE: IBM) delivering a converged monitoring fabric for virtual environments. Powered by VSS Monitoring Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) and IBM SDN Virtual Environments (SDN VE), organizations can leverage the solution to accelerate SDN-based environments for performance optimization and fail-safe monitoring at wire-speed, essentially creating a converged monitoring fabric for both physical and virtual-host traffic (including OpenFlow switch traffic). Announced at the OpenDaylight Summit on February 4, 2014, IBM SDN VE solution consists of the new unified controller, virtual switch overlays, non-SDN gateways, and open interfaces. SDN VE supports OpenStack as well as VMware and Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM). VSS Monitoring NPBs, in combination with the IBM unified controller, enable organizations to leverage OpenDaylight technologies to facilitate SDN deployments with enhanced performance monitoring and security agility. NPB solutions provide fail-safe monitoring and total visibility into virtual traffic, with VSS’s vMesh, vNetConnect and vSpool. Only VSS Monitoring NPB solutions enhance big data visibility for business intelligence analytics or Big Data applications. 

Total Visibility for New Lines of Business

As networks evolve, incomplete visibility to decentralized monitoring and security tools and scaling large network deployments become challenging due to the their inelastic nature. This often requires a rip-and-replace approach or successive proof-of-concepts as organization grows. Network packet brokers have emerged as a critical element of the network infrastructure to solve network visibility and monitoring challenges. Well established for physical networks (LAN, WAN, and Distributed), NPBs now address the same challenges for virtual-host traffic (VMs) in addition to SDN-based environments. By having complete visibility into any and all packets traversing the converged network, organizations gain powerful, timely analytics into the network and application performance for faster root-cause resolution, high service level assurance, 99.999% availability, accelerated user experience, and – in light of Big Data – new lines of business from meaningful customer insights. 

An All Encompassing Monitoring Fabric

Today’s network monitoring environments utilize monitoring and security tools from any number of different vendors. The ability to easily manage and deploy all tools in a coordinated manner is critical for both network operations and security operations. VSS Monitoring NPBs are vendor-neutral and are currently deployed with a wide variety tools that could be deployed in conjunction with or in parallel to the IBM SDN Virtual Environments.

For more information, check out the IBM and VSS Monitoring joint solution brief.

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